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"German Federal Press Association Ball" grand opening
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On November 23rd, the annual "German Federal Press Association Ball" was held in Berlin's luxury five-star hotel - Adlon Kempinski Hotel. This high-end social dance in Germany, which has a 67-year history in Germany, can be said to be a star-studded, celebrity gathering. The theme of the ball is "Kaleidoscope"

German President Steinmeier and his wife Elke Büdenbender, German Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil (from the Social Democratic Party SPD), Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (from the CDU CDU), and Development Minister Gerd Müller (from the CSU CSU) ) Hessian Governor Volker Bouffier (from CDU), Hamburg Mayor Peter Tschentscher, Green Party Chairman Annalena Baerbock, Left Party Chairman Katja Kipping, and famous German film and television stars and media reporters attended the event. prom.

Minister of Development Gerd Müller and his wife

German Federal Minister of Labor Hubertus Heil and his wife

Famous host Laura Wontorra

After the opening speech of Gregor Mayntz, the chairman of the Federal Press Conference, around 21:20, as the

music rang, the German president and his wife opened the ball in an elegant dance.

The German president and wife jumped to the opening dance

However, even if the president and the couple are highly skilled, they will not be able to attract the flash. All

media focus seems to have been snatched away by former German Chancellor Schroeder and new wife Kim

Soyeon who have just advanced to the "Olympic Prime Minister".

That night, Jin Suzhen’s black openwork carved dress was paired with Hepburn’s elegant vintage disc. It can

be seen that she did spend a lot of thoughts on her dress, but there is always a sparseness in Baixie: the

"man-made silkworm" that "flashes people's eyes" swept away the good image of "the noble lady" and was

really scary. ! I really don't know if our old "Fa" prime minister will feel embarrassed when he is opposite the new


Former German Chancellor Schroeder and New Lady Jin Suzhen

However, it must be made even more embarrassing for the old prime minister to meet the old man in this public

place - ex-wife Doris Schr? der-K?pf! After all, the two had once loved each other, but now they are flying, even

from the lover to the enemy.

However, the old driver of the love scene seemed to be in a good mood that night, and did not care about the

appearance of his ex-wife. In an interview, he also generously expressed his wish that his ex-wife had a good night.

Although Doris was miserminated and announced that she might not get married again, it did not affect her yearning

for love. That night, she also made her debut with her two-year-old boyfriend, Lower Saxony Interior Minister

Boris Pistorius. A red dress with a small black shawl, the value of the charm is absolutely 100%, compared to Jin

Suzhen's "excessive force", Doris is much more elegant. I really don't know if Schroeder sees his ex-wife so decent,

will he regret the past "his new and tired"?

Doris and her boyfriend

In any cas

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