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The next YueYe high-end ball will be held on June 9. The night before the high-end dance will provide training for those who can't dance or have a weak foundation for dancing, as well as weekend practice balls. Of course, friends who like dancing but don't attend high-end dances can also attend weekend dances.

Time: From March 22, 2019, every Friday night from 18:00 to 22:30

Venue: within Beijing Third Ring Road (the most suitable venue is being finalized and selected before March 20)

Host: Beijing Doctor Modern Team; Alumni Dance Association of China University of Political Science and Law Requirements: Men's shirt + dark trousers; Ladies'skirt over knee, all guests will participate in the real-name system, and behave appropriately.

(For details of the dance and etiquette training course, please click http://en.yueyeball.aly555.qzkey.com/PicDetail.aspx?ID=85)

Enrolment Wechat: 18810910655, 18911526052

Telephone number: 18800002543, 18810910655

More information about YueYe high-end ball , please pay attention to Wechat Public Number


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