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YueYe High-End Ball is Seeking Cooperation Institutions
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YueYe High-End Ball originated at the end of the last century. It was tried in 2016 and

officially held in 2017. It is currently the highest-end dance in China. Through years of accumulation

and development, it has become a cultural aircraft carrier that integrates dance, dance training,

etiquette training, costumes, single-person friendship, wedding, and public welfare. I believe that the

concept of exquisiteness, elegance and art that is advocated by Moonlight into the daily life can lead

a new way of life.

We are looking for cooperation agencies and hope that the platform will bring you opportunities. I

hope that more people will work together with the moon and night to promote the awakening of

Chinese citizens' awareness and promote social progress and people's heart.

Contact telephone 18800002543, WeChat 18911526052

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