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YueYe Single Friendship Entering Sinopec
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On the afternoon of April 1, 2018, sponsored by the Youth League Committee of China Petrochemical Corporation and the Central Network Film and Television Center of the Youth League, the Youth Voice Integrated Service Office of China International Petrochemical Co., Ltd. and the Youth Youth Fellowship Association of "Youth, True Feelings, No Fools" held in the Multifunctional Hall of Sinopec Headquarters Building, co-sponsored by the Moon Night High-end Dance.

The organizers have prepared many delicate food and gifts for this single party. The pink cakes are very suitable for the theme of this romantic single party. The organizers have prepared many game links, such as circles of love transmission, guessing of love songs, comparisons between you and me, interesting cross-dressing shows, etc. These games reduce the alienation between single youth. The interactive link of the whole activity and game was splendid, and the atmosphere was warm. At the end of the activity, many men advertised to their favorite ladies and began to develop further.

Love Ball

YueYe High-End Ball gave full support to the event. Dr. Xiong Da, the sponsor of the high-end dance on the moonlit night, was present in person. With his beautiful partner, he taught all the beautiful and handsome guys present to dance together. The atmosphere on the spot was warm, and the dance activity set off a climax of the whole event. The good times are always too short. Everyone feels that they are still in the mood. We are looking forward to the coming of the next wonderful event.

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