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Prom、 Adult Balls Customization
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In the Western high-end ball, the opening dance is composed of dozens of pairs to more than 100 pairs of young men and women. The Vienna Opera House dance starts with 150 pairs of young men and women, which is also their adult ritual. In the United States, high school graduation balls are a memorable ritual of passage for young adults and an important stop for them to take social steps. YueYe High-end ball provides customized graduation balls and adult balls for various schools. Professional teams will provide you with one-stop services including bands, venues, training, rehearsals and on-site services.

Provide services
1. Pre-planning, docking and tailor-made solutions
2. Dancing training, image design, dress customization, social etiquette training
3. Band service: (10, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, etc.)
5. One-stop service for venues, catering, accommodation, parking and other ancillary services
6. Post-production of photographic and video materials
7, others
According to the actual situation of customer personnel and existing resources, tailor-made, dedicated customer manager 1 to 1 service.
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Extended reading:
The most important ball that American high school students have to attend, is the prom.


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