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Russia's third Kremlin International Officer Ball
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Russia held Russia's third Kremlin International Officer Ball at the Moscow Kremlin on December 11

Russia's third Kremlin International Officer Ball


On December 11, Russia held the third International Military Officer's Ball at the Moscow Kremlin. More than 1,800 military school students from all over the country participated in this grand ceremony. In addition, China, South Korea, Greece, Austria and the member states of the Commonwealth of Independent States also sent delegations to participate in the military dance.

Male students attending the ball uniformed in uniform, while female students wore beautiful dresses.

Girls attending the ball will have a choice of evening dresses in different colors. But white is often the most

popular color. Pure white dresses look noble, generous and extraordinarily chic.

At the ball, the handsome men and women danced. The officers and men showed the temperament of the soldiers, and they became special "gentlemen" in one step. In addition to dancing, the guests who came to the scene could enjoy the delicious delicacies while watching the young people dance.

The screening of the dance tracks is also very strict. Several singing actors presented popular songs.

Some political party leaders from Russia attended the officer's dance and delivered a speech.

On-site officers and dancers performed dances such as Bolognese, Kadriel, Waltz and Waltz.

It is reported that the ball is to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Russian Suvorov Military Academy and the Nahimov Naval Academy and the 300th anniversary of the birth of the Russian dance culture.


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