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YueYe High-End Ball to New Year's Greetings in 2019-Beijing, China
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Happy New Year to all my dear friends! On the occasion of the coming of 2019, the Alumni Dance Association of

China University of Political Science and Law (Beijing Doctor Modern Team) sends you good wishes for the New


2018 is the second year of the YueYe High-End Dance. The YueYe High-End Dance continues to uphold

the concept of high-end, exquisite, elegant and professional. It promotes the integration of international high-end dance

culture with oriental cultural characteristics and creates a high-end dance form with Chinese flavor. Every colleague of

the moonlit night team, the friends of China Oriental Symphony Orchestra and related units have made arduous

efforts to this end. Fortunately, the internationalized high-end ball culture has gradually penetrated into the

hearts of the people and produced a positive impact.

We strive to promote the germination of Chinese citizenship, and are keen to promote public welfare undertakings

such as treatment, donation and assistance for autistic children. The Moon Night Team is shouldering the high

cost, investing 100 times enthusiasm, providing low-cost tickets, and striving to achieve high-end dances in

China to take root and grow vigorously. Moon Night has also received strong support and selfless help from

friends from all walks of life, and the number of guests attending the dance is increasing day by day.

In 2019, we will continue to adhere to the line of disseminating elegant art, promoting noble spiritual quality and promoting the sunshine of Chinese dances

and social dances. We will never forget our initial intention and, as always, provide high-quality cultural life and

communication platform for our friends through high-end dances. We will listen carefully to the feedback from

all of you in the process of holding the high-end dance on the moonlight night, find out, examine and improve

problems in time, learn from the good practices of international high-end dance further, explore the operation

mode more suitable for the quality of high-end dance, gather more excellent talents, upgrade the dance

continuously, and make it an activity that more people who pursue high-end taste yearn to participate in.

High-end dance on moonlit night, where dreams begin. Despite the bumpy journey ahead, we are all dreamers.

New Year's bell is about to ring. Let's welcome the arrival of 2019 with confidence and expectation. Congratulations

to all of you. Let's dance to our hearts in 2019. Thank you.




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