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Dresden Semper Theater Ball, Germany
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Semperoper Opera House (German: Semperoper) is a theatre building located in the center of the old town of

Dresden, the cultural capital of Germany. It is the residence of the Saxony National Opera House (S? Chsischen

Staatsoper), one of the most famous opera houses in the world. The Senper Opera House was built by the

architect Gottfried Semper and served as the Palace Theatre at that time. The theatre was basically destroyed by

the bombing in February 1945 and rebuilt again in 1977. On February 13, 1985, 40 years after the end of World

War II, it was reopened. Weber's opera The Free Sagittarius was on show.

The Senper Opera House, together with the Zwinger Palace and Notre Dame Cathedral, is called Dresden's

"Three Magnificents of Scenic Spots".

With the participation of Opera House artists and international guest artists, the high-level art presentation is

well-known all over the world. The Dresden National Orchestra, with a history of more than 460 years, is one of

the most traditional orchestras in the world. In 1817, the Saxony National Choir was founded here by Carl Maria

von Weber. Numerous world premieres have written the history of operas here, including Richard Wagner's

operas "Leonji", "The Dutch Wandering" and "Don Wyser". The composer Richard Strauss is also closely linked to

the Opera House. Nine of his 21 stage works premiered in Dresden, including Salome, El Clerk and The Rose Knight.

The annual Semper Theatre Dance is world-renowned. The video content is the opening dance of the dance.

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