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Midsummer night of dreams——YueYe High-End Ball Process and Precautions
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Time: June 23, 2018 (Saturday) 18:00-22:30 p.m.

Venue: Century Banquet Hall of 21st Century Hotel, No. 40 Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing

Band: China Oriental Symphony Orchestra Chamber Orchestra

Singing: Li Zhiyu (tenor) Xia Meng (soprano)

Ballet: Beijing ball Academy


1. Check in at 18:00, dining at the restaurant (Chinese buffet)

2. 18:30 Piano and violin performance, post-meal tasting and free communication

3. 18:30-19:50 Guests take the red carpet to enter, take pictures

4. 19:50 free ball begins

5. 20:00, four balls

6. 20:15 free ball continues

7. 21:10 Ballet

8. halftime break

9. 21:30 free ball continues

10. 22:30 End of the ball

Singing songs

"Drinking Song" (a selection of the opera "La Traviata"), "Santa Lucia" (Italian folk song), "a glass of wine", etc.

Concert repertoire (partial)

"Children's Memories", "Autumn Whispers", "Adriana by the Water", "The Wedding of Dreams", "To Alice", Richard Clayderman's Edition, Piano Solo

"E-flat nocturne" Chopin piano solo

"City of the Sky" Hisaishi Joe Piano solo

"what! How pure is selected from the opera "Marta" Violin Duo, piano accompaniment

The first movement of "Moonlight Sonata" Beethoven piano solo

"Reef in the Sea" Composer: Knight Violin Duo, piano accompaniment

"The patron saint's festival" Irish folk songs violin duet, piano accompaniment

"The Lover in Dream" is selected from the opera "Bohemian Girl" Violin Duo, piano accompaniment.

"Beautiful Eyes" Composer: Tosti Violin Duo, piano accompaniment

Composer of "Family's Loved Ones": Foster Violin Duo, piano accompaniment, etc.

(The actual performance may be adjusted as needed, subject to live performance)

Prom track (partial)

Waltz: Serenade (Austria) Schubert, the hometown of the sea Wang Liping, calling the theme song of "Da Jang Geum"

Tango: Masquerade Martos Rodriguez, one step away (Argentina) Carlos Gedell

Wilhelm Wilhelm: The wavy dance of the Danube (Royal) Ivanovic, the skating waltz (French) Emile Wald

Slow Four: Chrysanthemum Taiwan Jay Chou, in the water side Lin Jiaqing

Ping Si: The girl of Alishan Zhang Che, special express (Germany) Barong

Beng Si: Rose Rose, I love you, Chen Gexin, Swedish Rhapsody

Rumba: Caiyun chasing the moon, etc.


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