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Christmas? But Christmas?
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The Xizhimen Catholic Church in Beijing is full of people. The annual Western Christmas is here. Young couples meet for Christmas Eve. It seems that the church has become fashionable. At the same time, the QQ and WeChat groups have forwarded various Christmas blessings. The voice of "overseas festival". Someone forwarded a proposal in a certain place, calling for the promotion of traditional culture, but Western Christmas.

After reading the proposal, I was reminiscent of a Hunanese named Ye Dehui, who was a scholar at the end of

the Qing Dynasty. At that time, the Republic of China was established in the Republic of China, using the

Western calendar, while retaining the Chinese lunar calendar and promoting equality between men and women.

Ye Dehui wrote A very famous couplet, the last couple is: equality between men and women, public justice,

mother said that the woman is reasonable; the next is: yin and yang, you have passed your year, I have lived my

year. The couplet is unremarkable, witty and humorous, and it is a natural show, showing the confidence of the

cultural people in that era. Fresh air is blowing.

In the decades afterwards, although the wars in China were frequent, and the masters came forth in large numbers,

the peak of culture was over, and the culture of the East and West in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic

of China was in full swing. The open wind has a great relationship.

Today, Westerners have also started the Chinese New Year. How should Chinese people look at it?

(A group of French girls dressed in Chinese costumes, happily participating in the Spring Festival parade, full of joy.)

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